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Isle of Dread Hotfix

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Greetings Defenders,

With PS4 releasing Isle of Dread first, we were able to squash some bugs quickly. These changes went live with PC and PS4 this morning, and Xbox will receive these changes later this week.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue with Power Transfer applying stats incorrectly.

- Changed the description on Harbinger's Exile shard to indicate it being disabled.

- Fixed an issue when upgrading Chaos VIII items that caused them to downgrade.

- Pirate weapons are now available (previously were not on PS4).

- Fixed an issue with Ancient Respawn and Ancient Builder not functioning.

If you run into any bugs we greatly appreciate any reports on our bug site. For the latest info and updates, check out our social platforms:

For Etheria!

The Dungeon Defenders II Team

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