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[Ended] WTA Armor/Weps/Pets / MM

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Welcome, >
That is a huge auction, squire_small.png thank you if you read all of it <3
the 2 masterpiece of the auction are an ult++ michief maker and an ult++ pristine chest

     -----------------------------------------------------------   Infos   -----------------------------------------------------------
                                        Each bid need to be at least 2 cv more than last one

                                                   Auction end on 24th of october 2018

Bid during last 48 hours add 48 hours to the auction
----------------------------------------------------------- Current Offers -----------------------------------------------------------

Example = 30cv ( Player1 )

Blaster Rifle = 50cv ( LootLovingGamer ) Come grab your rifle <3 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198831261232/

----------------------------------------------------------- Basics -----------------------------------------------------------

           I keep the right to keep one or all of those items if the last bid dont suits me,
           or if it dont reach my hidden reserve ( got a reserve for each of those items ).

                                                      Good luck for bidding !

IC :


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