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WTA Event Items (Ended)

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Hello Everybody!
This is my Auction and I will be selling the events Iratxo, Queen Georgia, Golden Roost, Crimson, and Maelstrom. 

I will accept Coal and Cubes at 6:1 and diamonds at 5/10/15

You can find my name for all the event items listed in the trace sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_lbS8hUbOo8ElvVuxSfLCmGrv4OH2bY6O7R6GVORNtQ/edit#gid=257738687

(You will have to scroll through the events to find my name, that is just the link to take to all events)

I have a hidden reserve on all the items, I have the right to not sell anything that is not matched.

The auction will on 10/7/18

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