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[ENDED] Ult++ Leather Shoe

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I want to auction this fine piece of gear.

Idk, this probably gonna be dps (lolwut. hahaha) or a decent tower piece.

either way, i want to see some bid war going on, as this trade section is lacking of.

Currencies i'll accept are coals, cubes and diamonds, which is :

6 coal = 1 cube;

4/8/15 cubes = non-cap/single-cap/double-cap diamond respectively. 

I also accepting certain traced event items, please message me which one you have and we can sort things out.

There is a hidden reserve, thus i have the rights to decline any offer that doesnt see fit.

Auctions start today 15 September until 22 September 2018 8:00 PM GMT

running for a total of 7 days.

Enough of my rant, here is the piece: 


Item Checked :


Final Offer : xAtlas - 30cv

Auction is over.

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Current Offer updated.

Any offer made after 4hours of last known bid on the last day will extend the auction for 12hours.

Be Advised.

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