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[WTA] Cancelling this auction

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Oh boy its time for me to do an auction.

I am going to auction this kraken cannon


It can be double capping in dmg and ab2 and get posetive hp, or just triple cap it into ab2, dmg and Trange. But why would you wanna do that.

The auction ends 17 August 20:00 CET.

IC: IC done, you will see ic when trade is going through, or if you are so eager.. just msg me


I mean events are cool but only if traced

Regular diamonds: 5/10/15

Pink diamonds: 7/12/17 (they have to be pink on the floor)

Pink small diamonds is 5cv, but i only accpet 1

6 coal = 1 cv

I dont like raw cubes, so I do not accept them.

If im not emotionally satisfied with the highest offer I can choose not to sell it.

Have a nice day 

I messages everyone in that placed bids on it, sorry for the inconvience but i dont do trades have have no use of cv.

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