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Please look into some controller issues..

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I had to finally sign in here again to voice my concern with controller support. Over the past few updates, there's been a few things gone wrong for us, I never see anyone else complaining, Am I the only one who exclusively uses controllers (Wireless Xbox360)?

The first thing I noticed a couple patches back, I can no longer sort my gear in Hero Shop, the 'Y' button (used for setting a price on an item, or when pressed on a folder, would set as ACTIVE for for moving gear into it), no longer works on folders, now it just wants to set price, even when pressed on a folder.

The new ability to see and pick up gear from a lot further away can get extremely frustrating, even when I turn away from the item, my good old autoaim still wants to look at it.

Some boss fights are tough, or impossible with a controller, the autoaim just seems to target whatever is closest, and any boss that fly's can't be targeted, since we can't look up. Bosses like: Cupids on TOL (haven't tried in a while, but I assume it's still the same) can't be targeted way up there. The Ember Phoenix can be a pain, even when he's right in my face, I sometimes aim at a Djinn or chopper in the background. Newest one is the Dragon on CR3, cannot target at all (Good thing I was sorta being carried through that!)

EDIT #1:  I just noticed the new Summoner ability (Move gear around in your tavern while in Overlord mode) doesn't work at all with a controller.

Sure... there are a lot of benefits to using a controller, (activating lamps and other small objects) But I would prefer more freedom of movement (ability to look up and down, and aim where I want). I know what your thinking, "Why don't you just use a mouse and keyboard?". I tried that, I can't use a mouse for very long before my wrist starts killing me, That's why I use a controller for all the games that allow me to (pretty much all).

I wanted to first ask, Is it even possible change how the controller works, letting us look and aim up and down and wherever we want  like a mouse??? If so, I and many other controller users would love that, some maybe wouldn't, so a toggle would be amazing.

That's all I got.. Thoughts?

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I don't think there are many controller players, but that doesn't mean this stuff isn't important.  I'm working on some fixes for these for the next update right now.

1. 'Set Active Folder' now works in the AFK shop.

2. Autoaim will no longer target items from further away on controllers.

3. The CR3 dragon is now visible and can be targeted on controller.

4. The Phoenix now has targeting priority over other enemies.

I haven't come up with a fix for cupids yet, and I'm not sure I'll be able to get the overlord move item thing working with controller.  Overlord is designed mainly for keyboard and mouse.

As far as completely redoing how aim works, the CDT can't really do that, I'm afraid.

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Cool, nice to see you're still looking out for us.

I don't think there is a way to fix Cupid targeting without free aim, they're just way too high up. Well, a lot, or all of the mouse+keyboard functions still work while using a controller, like, the keyboard bindings (M,Q,G, and so on) even the mouse buttons still do there thing, would it be possible for the mouse to function normally while using a controller? It just needs to be able to aim. It's an ugly solution, but could be handy in emergencies.

Again, I don't know if it's possible, I'm just spitting out idea's.

But well done, that's the majority of the problems fixed.  :)

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