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[Event] Forbidden Oasis

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It's that time again. EVENT TIME!!! Grab some friends and get ready for an event who's story line is kinda random! (<3 Plane)

What Do I Need to Know

Please check out this guide to get up to speed on how to run events.


When Will The Event Happen

The event will start on Friday, September 7th 12:00 (UTC-4/EST) and end on Sunday, September 9th 22:00(UTC-4/EST). There will be guaranteed at least one host on from 12:00-22:00(UTC-4) each day. We will try to have hosts available at other times as well.

What Do I Need to do to be Ready for the Event

Before the event you need to check back to this thread and subscribe to the map in the Steam Workshop. Please try hosting it yourself before the event at least once to make sure you have it installed correctly. After that, get your heroes ready for another challenge!!!

Can I Play With My Friends

Yes! Grab some friends and make a team. (If some of your friends have already ran the event they can re-run it with you for fun but please keep in mind that those who have yet to run the event will get first priority over those who are re-running the event so you may have to wait longer than expected.) 

Map Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1485758239 ([[157616,users]] needs to make the map public)

Note: You may encounter an issue after you download the event map and try to go back to ranked and join a game. It is possible you might get a package version mismatch error. The first step to fix this is to restart the game. If that doesn't work then unsubscribe from the map and verify integrity of your game cache.

P.S. Steams new chat is going to make this event a whole lot of fun. Please hang on with us as we try to figure out the best way to rework the process out. 

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E   V   E   N   T
V   V 
E         E
N             N
T                   T

(Gifs broken... WTF Forums... -_-' )

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Additional information about the event:

Number of players

This map supports six players.  That means the host, plus a group of five other players.


All players will receive rewards.  There will be a bonus reward for defeating the Genie King.  Players who don't try at all are not eligible to receive rewards.

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Map Spoilers - https://dundefplanner.com/map.php?load=360

Sample build for those wanting to practice. Still needing a few more for our Central/Pacific US timezone run, please contact if interested :)

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Thanks everyone for playing :)  I hope you had a nice time at the event, and I hope to see you all at the next one :)

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