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[GB] n0ught

Nintendo Switch Release?

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I know it's probably not something you've thought about and I know this game is run by the the community now but I really think that if DD1 was released on the Switch, it would be really popular. There aren't really any games where there's a real online competitive aspect with a community. Sure, there's Fortnite and That Overwatch clone but there aren't any where you can actually PLAY with friends in a way where you improve together.

I dunno. Maybe you can nudge someone at Trendy. I think this could be a great opportunity but I guess they just don't care about DD1 and if they would do anything on the Switch, it would be DD2. I guess that putting DD1 on the Switch could make it look like they have less faith in DD2.

Thing is, I tried to get my brothers in to DD but they didn't like to sit there for hours at a computer. I think that the ability to play DD on the go would be really fun.

I'm just really passionate about the game even though I haven't really played it that much recently. I think it would be great.


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