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Mana Bomb cooldown and other abilities stuff

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I wanted to make a thread about buffing the mana bomb ability, not by changing it's damage or the distance it starts dealing less damage.
If you look at the damage right by a dummy, 4.5k ab1 on mana bomb deals 40.04M on the dummy by the tavernkeep and the one near the ultimate defender trophy gets 24M.
Purity bomb on the other hand deals 22M on the dummy near the tavernkeep, 16M on the forge one. You can see it deals way less damage, but it has a smaller dropoff in damage with range. You can even hit the UD dummy from the entrance to the UDsecret room, dealing ~7m damage on that range.

The apprentice range barely makes it to the tavernkeep dummy when you're near the UD secret room. As it stands right now, the apprentice ability is a high damage low range, and the initiate is the other way around.

Getting to the point I wanted to make, would it be possible to lower the cooldown on manabomb down from 45 to 35 seconds to be on par with purity bomb? Barely anyone uses ab2 apprentices, but that would be a nice incentive on dealing with that, since the extra 10 seconds really hurt while doing faster maps. With purity you can manage to get 2 bombs per wave, and mana only gets 1.


Regarding the other abilities, could we at least get a mana cost scaling reduction to be on pair with the main heroes? Since it looks like changing the abilities to make them as useful as the main cast one is out of question, at least make them last as long, not 1/3rd of the time. There were already 6 forum threads about it, and even though a lot of people agree that something should be made, nothing ends up getting done.







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I like this. I do however wish all counterpart abilities were looked at. Another I wished was changed for mana drain effectiveness is the Initiate.

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I feel as though the mana costing is fine. However, I feel like the following changes should be made:
- Ability to use Flash Heal in the air
- Ev Decoy scaling made better for hp + damage
Also i feel as though the cooldown for Mana bomb should be at 35 as well.

Thats really all i have for now, but then again i dont use counterpart heroes often, so i dont have a say for them much

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