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Kefyr Jefyr

What build do you recommend for the drayd?

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If you like throwing mushrooms and stars at things, an ability power Dryad is for you. For this, you'll want some or all of these hero-specific shards: celestial attunement, corruption's bargain, corruption's blessing, corruption's embrace, corruption's fortification, corruption's harmony, poison leaves, shroom bloom, shroom doom, shroom gloom. Some generic shards you'll want to consider: inspiration, mana capacitor, bulwark, worm scarf, speed boost, construction, critical strike, plus loads others. It's up to you which ability/abilities you want to focus on with an ability power Dryad. Assign your ascension points accordingly. Look for armour/weapons with ability power as a secondary stat.

If you like slicing things with a sword, then a hero damage Dryad is for you. There aren't any hero-specific shards for this build, so you'll be mainly looking at the generic hero damage shards, mostly power gambit, amongst others. Look for armour/weapons with hero damage as a secondary stat.

For defenses, all the Dryad defenses are strong. You'll want a medallion with 3 shards from deadly strikes, defense rate, destruction, mass destruction, vampiric empowerment on defenses that deal damage, For the tree, 3 shards from deadly strikes, explosive guard, explosive shielding guard, fortification, power pylon, shielding guard, vicious strikes.

Good luck!

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