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Multiplayer Onslaught Suggestion

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This was written for the next patch/content:

"In our last Check-In post, we outlined some short, medium, and long term goals. In our next update, here’s a sneak peek as to what you can expect to see:

  • Onslaught floors are always one map floors.

  • Extra rewards as you climb through Onslaught.

  • Improvements to Ancient Power

  • Increased party control and functionality


Sooo.... i have to write this because i never saw a suggestion like this

We get now more rewards for more players .... cool stuff if we could play with our FRIENDS (not just randoms in public)...

Have some friends stop playing because we almost never had an opportunity to play !together onslaught!

I was going crazy with onslaught and resets etc... So one of us was always behind/ahead with "progress"

My suggestion is:

Player A is on Floor 100

Player B is on Floor 65

Player A starts Floor 100

Player B can join his floor 100

-> after Victory we both get 1 floor progress

so B is Floor 66 and A is 101


If Player B starts now a Floor 66

Player A joins him

-> after Victory only Player B gets 1 floor progress because it wasnt his highest Floor....

so B is 67 and A still 101


Of course we would need an option who can join because this feature is for "Floor 65+ people" i think ^^

With this change "high" player have chances to play together with their Friends which are not on the same floor

If i look at some of the popular streamers they all are climbing Onslaught alone...

Cant imagine what would be the big Contras of such a feature...

Hope everyone understood my impressive english


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