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[ENDED] Mostly Armor, Mostly

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Item box is getting full once again, so letting go of the best stuff I have that I can't use.

Only accepting coal, cubes and diamonds (5/10/15).  Standard rules, last minute bids will extend auction for that item by 24 hours, be respectable with your raises, etc etc.  I reserve the right to keep any item if I'm not happy with the final bid.

All items self farmed, everything has been IC'd.

Auction ends Sunday August 19th at 11:59 EST.  Thanks



CHAIN: (note:these don't cap with full resists)


PLATE: (helm doesn't cap)


LEATHER: (chest hits 600, mitts and boots don't)







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Santa Hat and plate#2 sold to uncrowneddata and funkedelike. Add me on steam to trade. 

All other bidders: if still interested pm me and I can state an amount that I'd let your desired item(s) go for.


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