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Environmental effects

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Environmental effects

Almost every map in dd2 are stunningly beautiful, theres no denying trendy did an awesome job on that. I would also like to compliment the idea of environmental traps (i.e blow trap on liferoot :))))). However I want even more. I want environmental effects such as climate and terrain to effect the enemies, and maybe even your own defenses. For instance, a river might drench all enemies inside it, the heat on molten citadel might automatically set oiled enemies on fire and likewise the cold climate on the yeti map would freeze drenched enemies instantly.

The biggest reason I want this to be implemented is because it would completely change the way we build out a lane. Having drenched enemies is a massive boost for all lightning strikes auras in proximity and hot maps might make us more inclined to use oiling defenses. This aspect of strategy could be especially interesting with game modes that has special rules, like incursion, mastery and onslaught. It will reward game knowledge as you get rewarded whenever you do a cool combo, and even more so when you learn some super op build on a map that wouldn't work on any other map.

As I can tell this might be a long term project, I might suggest trying out similar mechanics whenever a new map is released, and after seeing the feedback, consider actually doing it for more maps. Currently when someone asks me "what is your favorite map?" I have no idea what to say, but if there was a map that really fit my build and play-style im sure I'd love that map more than anything!

Other effects to consider might be: (some might be a bit hard to implement directly, but I think they're worth a mention anyway to have some more examples to work by)

* Heavy cannonball damage and movement speed is affected by how steep the terrain is.

* Enemies move slower when moving through rivers, up stairs etc. (perhaps also faster the other way around)

* Enemies gets drenched from the rain

* Once every so often, a lightning bolt will strike a drenched enemy and instantly killing them (deals 50% to mini-bosses)

* Patches of poisonous thorns on any forest map (Poisonous stains for sewer maps) that will poison every enemy who walks over it, not dealing damage, but reduce their resistance by 5% or something.

* If any map is suitable, have patches of oil which oils enemies that walks over it.

* Incredible upwards wind drafts on some air lanes that allows melee heroes to get in melee range of flyers.

* A spectral knight that roams the unholy catacombs and haunt enemies he touches.

* On wave 5, the spooky maps (not including sewer maps) will have a full moon and a wolfs cry can be heard. This cry increases the strength of all enemies by 20% or something like that.

* Should you have any suggestions/thoughts on this subject, please let us all know ;)

That would be it for now,

talks more later defenders!

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I like the idea. A SRPG often takes all of these factors into account, as well as things like height (i.e. more range if placed up high, do more damage to lower units) as well. 

It would likely take a massive amount of coding to implement something as complex as this that plays in real time. I am not sure it would fly in DD2 at this point (but that is up to TE), but maybe this would be an incredible piece of groundwork for DD3 to build upon to take the franchise a whole step further. 

Thank you for sharing your ideas. 

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@Grim indeed quote:

the broken aqueduct on forest crossroads drenches enemies who walk under it

Really? Fun fact, that aqueduct is actually what inspired my idea, but I had no idea i actually drenched already


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