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Protean Shift Hotfix 3.1.2

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Greeting Defenders,

Today we released Hotfix 3.1.2 on PC and PlayStation 4, with Xbox One receiving the update later! This update addresses some bugs, crashes, and updates some back-end changes with game clients. Let’s get into it!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users on Steam with the same name, while in the same area caused issues with Player Shops.

  • Fixed an issue with older Mastery Shards being sold by the Scavenger if they ended up on him. (If you’re missing Mastery Shards, please put in a Community Support Ticket here)

  • Fixed an issue that under certain circumstances allowed players to login with the same account twice.

  • Fixed an issue when stacks of items are sold, their buyback price was much higher than the sale price.

  • Fixed an issue on consoles where players were sometimes kicked when interacting with the war table.

  • Fixed an issue where the Jackpot Shard was potentially proccing on wave completion.

  • Fixed an issue with third party programs potentially altering game inputs.

  • On PlayStation 4, fixed an issue when the intro video plays causing crashes. (If you still run into this, please report it)

Remember, if you run into any bugs, please let us know at our bug site. Also, check us out on social media for additional updates and game discussions with our awesome community:

That’s it for now on, but we have much more coming. We can’t wait to share news of what’s on the horizon, so stay tuned!

For Etheria,

The Dungeon Defenders II Team

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@Sorin Markov quote:

@kingoftime2013 quote:

please fix mobs getting stuck in spawns, happens too often.

or just make the stage end faster when they are stuck.

They fixed this with a kill timer, when trapped in spawn

I think the timer should be shorter, it takes too long right now. if you wanna grind some maps and it happens again and again even cutting 20 seconds can save you alot of time

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U can use a hero that can penetrate spawns. Huntress piercing shot, ev's proton blaster, squires slash attack all can penetrate spawns. Your boned if it's a roller though. Kinda hard to hit the sweet spot if it's still in the spawn.

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