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Mods providing mob priority

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Hello defenders,

I want to start this post off by first asking if this exists: Does a single target tower with an anti-melee mod prioritize hitting a melee mob over ranged if both are within range? 

Imagine the following example, you have a Lightning Strike aura with the mods: chaos servo, anti-melee, anti-orc.

If you're unable to tell this could be an LSA specialized to track and kill lady orcs. However if there are multiple mobs within range of this LSA, does this LSA have the power to first check the state of enemies within it's range, determine that there is a {choas && melee && orc} mob according to mods, then smite the living **** out of those lady orcs before anything else? 

My assumption to the answer of this question is no, I believe that running this logic for each tower for each mod is expensive in performance/runtime along with considering conditions where there's say both anti-melee and anti-range then how would the tower react? 

However, what do you think? Assuming this isn't already implemented could you see yourself making builds that give the player an option to filter out the mobs a certain tower hits before hitting a lower proity target? Or is something like this not necessary because a good builder will know how to position/counter those mobs that they do have special towers for? 

Personally I think this would be a cool addition, but not a needed one. When you think mods they modify something already known. Mods are already really, really,..., Really strong. And maybe giving them more "power" isn't worth the time. 

TL;DR: Should mods affect attack priority of towers to enemies? 

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I played a web-based tower defense game once where this was an option.  There were per-defense options letting you choose how each defense behaved.  

Options included:
  Attack oldest/youngest target
  Most health/least health
  Honestly I forget the rest :D

The limit is only to our imagination on options.

Prioritize bosses, minibosses, fastest, slowest, etc.

More to the point, I like the idea, I don't think they 'should' per se, but they 'could.'

This is the power of brainstorming though.  Sometimes ideas stick, most of the time they don't, but if all ideas aren't put out there for consideration, we might miss out on some great suggestions.

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