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Loading issues for anyone else?

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Iv had and on/off again relationship with DD2, around 530 hours played to date. Most during original purchased access. But past few years since it launched it just has so many loading issues.

After I open client, i try to go to private tavern and it takes 5-10 min of it not finding sessions, often the window that says searching for session just closes and nothing happens. Then after a level is complete there is an error regardless of the button i press (back to tavern or next level) and i have to wait the entire count down to get moved to the next level. Often resulting in a crash and me being sent to main menu.

New issue is the E button not working. I have to hit R to repair then the E starts working again and i can interact with stuff.

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This is also happening to me. Very annoying issue. Login takes around 2-3min. When starting a session it 100% fails and times out the first try. Second try works fine. Then after the map is over selecting anything but next map it times out and you have to wait for the countdown timer to expire and load the next map before go to tavern/town will work.

PC version only the PS4 version works fine. Happens on my desktop and laptop.

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Loading issues seem to plague DD2.

Having more specifics would help in giving TE actionable feedback, especially if we could find a configuration of events that triggers the loading problem 100% of the time.

Just some thoughts on this...

Where did you start?

Where were you going?

Were you in a party?

(For console users) Were you running split screen? (Is split screen a thing for pc these days?)

As these and likely more questions are fleshed out, we could begin building a chart for certain scenarios.

Everyone grab a notebook and keep it handy.  What other questions should we be asking ourselves when trying to include info for devs to research?

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Processor: AMD FX 8320 Eight Core Processor 3.50GHz
System: Windows 8.1 64bit
GFX Card: Radeon R9 4GB
Location: East Coast USA
Download: 75mb
Upload: 20mb

Start: Launched game from Steam. Login takes around 2-3min every start.
Gameplay: Solo making a private or public room it will 100% fail to start a session and time out. Second try works fine. Also times out first try when joining a already made room. End of map any choice besides next map will cause the session to time out and you will have to wait for the timer to countdown and auto change maps. After a new map loads go to avern and town options work fine.

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