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Market F.A.Q

This thread is to help address some confusion and answer frequently asked questions. If you have additional ones you’d like added to the FAQ, please post them below.

How do I access Player Shops?
In the options window where you see other players listed. Select their name and you should see a button labeled “Shop”. Selecting this shows you their shop.

How many Shop slots do I get?
You start with two for free, and then can purchase additional ones with gems.

Where are Player Shops?
Anywhere you see other players. Town, Private Taverns, or our Markets that you can select from the War Table to find specifically what you want.

How do I list an item?
In the options menu, select Player Shop, and then select Edit Shop. You can now drag and drop items you’d like to sell.

What can I sell?
Consumables, Pets, Pet Consumables, Gear (weapons, armor, and relics) that have not been Upgraded, Advanced, Evolved, or Tinkered. This may be expanded over time.

How do I claim gold from sold items?
Select Player Shop from the Options menu, and select Edit Shop. You can then select the item to claim the gold.

How do I remove a listing?
Items can only be removed by paying the sales price tax on the item (15% of your listing price).

Why is there a tax?
The tax serves a wide array of purposes. One is to counter any type of inflation that may occur in the game. Another is to reduce shops being used as additional storage.

What happens to my Shop when I Ancient Power?
All the items that are in your Player Shop are returned to your inventory. If the items returned were gear, they are scaled down appropriately.

Why was I kicked from a Marketplace?

The Marketplaces stay up for several hours at a time. When a Marketplace server is closed, all users are removed. This is to prevent Marketplace sessions from staying up indefinitely causing stress on our servers.

I was scammed in some fashion, how do I get my items back?

We are not responsible for any trades that occur between players. Unless something through unintended means occurs (item duplication, gold transaction for more/less than should have been possible, etc), you are responsible for any trade made and it will not be undone via the Community Support Team.

If there are questions you think should be a part of the FAQ, please let us know! :)

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If I put something in my market place, how long do other players see it? As long as I am online or longer?

Until now I have tried a few times to go to the markets via the War Table. Whenever I did this, I got to the market map where I found only empty boothes. I have never seen any saleable object. Am I doing something wrong or is the market empty?

When I go to the Town and browse player shops, I can see enough goods for sale which I have not seen on the market map.

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