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[Giveaway] Clearing Out Giveaway

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@Zurkov quote:

THE Bard's Tale

... I dont think the story goes "....tend the castle the its chores..." but "....tend the castle and its chores."

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I´m pretty sure i messed up some things, but... if that is how it works, i´d love to get the 6.2k monk dps (fully upped) price.

If thats already taken i´d love to get the Lava Cuffs.

I might have messed up, so feel free to correct me, but as far as i understood, it was first come first serve...

I was on position #1 and won with Number #12.

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Guess i'll also choose (I belive you said first come first server on livestream)

I'd like the Salem :3

ps: cheet of winners / items not taken


(press kana on top right corner to get to the right place)

(As i understood its:

B=if u got number u won

C=claimed Items

D=Items left to be choosen


Thanks alot for giveaway \o/

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Sorry, i'm French so i don't really understand all, so how i know if i won please ? 

EDIT: Perhaps i have understand now, so if it is i have lost. And if i have understand, there is not winner for Plout Onion number 38 (and what is it ? ^^") ? 

Sorry for all my questions... x)

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Gratz to all the winners!

Sorry for the delayed posting here.

Below is the list of the winners (in the order that they were drawn): 

  1. Washboard - Carapace of the Queen
  2. tens3 - Queen Georgia
  3. Football2001 - 
  4. Mutantken - Cursed Brownie
  5. uncrowneddata - 
  6. carmeldrizzel - 
  7. Sam116 - Salem
  8. hurricane - Azure Peak
  9. zurkov - 
  10. jaytac - 
  11. Area 51 - Magora's Mask
  12. Michili - 6.2k monk dps (fully upped)
  13. piisamirotta - Gaia's Last Gift
  14. zesiro2 - 
  15. exteryan - 
  16. Hypernut101 - Lava Cuffs
  17. Gstar - Admiral Djinn
  18. tikolord - Vortex Hammer
  19. goldlover125 - Arm Guard Radiation
  20. double dark - Cinnamon
  21. cfitzy88 - 
  22. Serpacooper - Vortex Shied
  23. ikulity - 
  24. Ultix - Mask of the Pumpkin King
  25. angry dog sounds - 
  26. Ilovecheddah - Howling Werewolf
  27. lootlovinggamer - 
  28. Itysontk - Double cap diamond
  29. blegendz420 - Mana Master
  30. gianthippo96 - 
  31. Bryndomonium - Cinnamon
  32. Garzhod - Ball Blaster

The remaining prize list includes: 

  • 4 Cubes
  • Non-capping Diamond (Mayhem's first ever diamond)
  • Ginger
  • Ginger
  • 5k monk dps (un-upped acc)
  • Eternity
  • Plout Onion
  • Queen Georgia
  • Plout Onion
  • Plout Onion
  • Atherial's 999 Tower Quietus 
  • Bean's Leftovers

A link to the spreadsheet (with the same info as above) can be found here [ google docs ]

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It is a first come first served situation. Let me know what you want and I will update the previous post.

Everyone has until the 17th to let me know which items they would like. We can make arrangements to ensure you can collect your items. Unless you specifically ask otherwise, we are only holding these items until the 21st. After the 21st, every item leftover will be thrown into the lava... kobold.png

My best available times to collect the items are from 05:00 GMT to 08:00 GMT, but I am able to change my availability a bit in order to help you. I do have work and sleep, so I am not available 24/7... But, if you need a piece and only available when I am not available, Avonlea can help distribute the items, but we will need to know in advance so that I can transfer the items to her.

Congratulations again to all the winners!

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I am opening a shop in game. If you have items to claim, you can come get them now. You can even pop in and choose your item if you havent chosen yet.

Edit: Closed the shop (tuesday steam update closed my shop for me...) .. I will open it again later tonight, and the next few days when I am available.

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