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WTA Armguards of Fire

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Hey Everyone! Im here going to auction my Armguards after 3 years of having them!!!

Trace is Azn->Pan-> sox (I can show links if u dm me for them)

Anywho link broke,


These are them in my tavern,I have a hidden reserve. Auction ends July 4th. If reserve isn't met Ill keep them etc.

Im looking for Diamonds (5/10/15)

Some events like....

Celebracers (30cv)

Aladins (55)




U++ item checked set builder (I could use em)

But I mostly want diamonds... Red magicite takes them free of charge (lol if they are super rare kappa).

Co: 5 no caps 8 cubes and a celebracers 63Cv Uber?

Anywho Good luck bidding. If this goes well I will Auction blings next!

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Im going to assume the reserve is super high so the thread is kind of a bust but Ill throw down  5 no caps 8 cubes and a celebracers. 

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