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Market Listings - How To List What You're Buying and Selling!

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Greeting Defenders,

To make the Market forum an enjoyable experience, it will be very beneficial to format your posts so that others understand what you are wanting to do. 

Thread Titles

For a template, here's what you can use to try and get your information across much easier:

[WTB/WTS] Item Name - Platform - Region

Here's an example title that will be very helpful:

[WTB] Protean Cannister - Xbox - USEAST

Thread Post

Inside the post you can have the details of how much you're wanting to sell or spend on something, as well as what times you're usually on. A sample template could be:

Willing to Spend/Sell:  X amount

Time Usually On:   hh:mm am/pm timezone here

Description: explain mod quality, stat roll quality, or pet description. If selling something, putting an image below the description can help convey what you're wanting to sell.

Contact: Discord ID/Steam/Xbox Gamertag/PSN ID


Willing to Spend:  3,000,000g

Time Usually On:  5:00 PM EDT

Description:  Perfect tenacity mod for towers.

Contact: Lawlta #5683 on Discord

Enjoy the Market, and feel free to make suggestions in the Suggestions portion of the forums*.


*Disclaimer:  If your post is not something that pertains to buying or selling  a specific item in the Market, it will be removed. Discussions can be made in any other section of the forums.

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