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Have option to remove gilded shards from drop pool.

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Three days of split-screen farming c4 and not a single defense rate shard for either player isn't RNG, it's what makes people stop playing the game.

Problem - Shard pools are too big and there is nothing in place to ever make the rng go in the direction of the player.

Dusting is a start in the right direction, but absolutely useless unless you build it up over months. Until dust starts dropping from bosses or a pack of 5 is given instead of 1, it doesn't really help anything.

Trading shards would also be nice, but probably won't happen unless something was done about alt accounts.

Possible still really grindy, but really grindy in the right direction solution would be to have the option to remove shards you have gilded from the drop pool of that chaos tier. Could still drop from onslaught and other chaos tiers. But have a checkbox that you can turn on and off at will for all or most shards in a chaos tier.

So if 11 dumb lavamancer shards drop for you in a couple hours, gild them. Check the lavamancer shard box, and goodbye lavamancer shard.

It would cost a lot of gold and inventory slots to manage it all, and still take a ton of grinding to get the shard you want on almost repeat. But people who buy that inventory space and play the game that much should have all the defense rate or deadly strikes they want. 

Reward the grinders.

As long as you can't trade shards, I don't see the harm.

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