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What happend to the connection? (session timeout once again)

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Played till they release the Barbar Class and did a break to see what DD2 got in store after I retrun and with a pleasent suprise I saw the "PROTEAN SHIFT" update - neat.

What really bumps me is the returning "connection issues".

The returning "sorry your session timed out" message comes back up again after leaving a party and trying to jump to town/tavern.

Unable to join certain partys or randomly wont follow the party to the next map (session no longer exists or is full...wat) and so on.

I contacted Trendy before my break and came up with my own solution to solve the connection problem but now... pff dunno how to fix it anymore.

Its sad to see that my game expierence wont return cause the game wont let me enjoy it for the moment thought with the latest hotfix they would have fixed it but so far nope.

Yes my Game is on the Whitelist on my Firewall and Anti-Virus Programm and yes I have only one stable net connection.

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