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That's great that we get a roll back but...

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Hello, is there anyone from trendy who can help me with the rollback? I originally submitted a ticket to support 11 days ago about missing shards. I filled out the google form regarding my steam and wanting a rollback. When the rollback was supposed to happen I logged in to check but the rollback never happened for me. The only thing I got was c1-6 shard pack in the mail. Support has not responded to my ticket for a week now and I dont know what to do. The ticket is "Request#26694" can anyone from trendy check that my ticket has not fallen between the cracks?

[[181582,users]] The reason I want a rollback is because I had over 100 shards in my inventory that are all gone ontop of the shards and hypershards that were in my gear. I would really like to get most of my shards back since I probably had enough to make multiple gilded shards on release of the patch. I am in a situation worse than starting from scratch because I have 0 shards and will never be able to get hypershards again.

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