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Long-time Returning Players: Missing Shards? READ HERE

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Greetings Defenders,

We recently have been investigating an issue with players missing shards. There was an issue where players who logged in between the Protean Shift release (June 19th, 9AM EDT) and our first Hotfix (June 21st, 9AM EDT) who had not previously logged into the game after March 7th for PC and PlayStation 4, or March 9th for Xbox One, are missing Shards that were equipped to their heroes. We made changes to how Shards were equipped during the Barbarian's Wrath (March 7th or March 9th for Xbox One), which is where this missing Shard issue stemmed from.

We are unable to recover each individual Shard, so we have two options that we are doing:

- Account rollbacks to the last login prior to the Protean Shift expansion release. This will cause you to lose all progress since the release, but you will get back every Shard (including Hyper Shards) in your inventory prior to the release.

- If you are missing Hyper Shards, we can have those added back to your account. This is a manual process and will take some time, but by choosing this option, you are able to maintain your current progress as well as get your Hyper Shards back (though your other shards will not be recovered).

For those of you that this is applicable to, please fill out this form by Tuesday 9AM EDT, and we will begin processing the requests.

We are incredibly sorry that this issue has occurred. As a result, regardless of the choice you make, we will add compensation in the form of one of every Shard Pack (from Campaign to Chaos VII) and a Mythical Defender Pack. This is something only those affected by the missing shards will receive. It is something we would not have been able to catch in testing, but are putting in steps so that something of this nature does not occur again.

Sincerest Apologies,

The Dungeon Defenders II Team

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