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[WTA] Traced Armguards of Love

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Greetings Defenders,

As per the title, I'm auctioning the Armguards of Love. I've held onto them for awhile but I don't have much use for them I'm not much of a collector.

My trace is from Lolzcoolcat's giveaway.

My reserve 250cv. I'm accepting Diamonds (5/10/15), Cubes and certain event items.

List of preferred items and my prices:

Greater Magicide of Wind  (130)
Aladdin's Wish (50)
Blu (25)
Mana Master (90) [Accepting 3 and accepting untraced for 1/10th of the price]
Lava Dancer Mask (40)
Rainmaker (200)
Queen Georgia (40) [Accepting 2 and accepting untraced for 1/10th of the price]
Howling Werewolf (40)
Golden Roost (20)
War Bonnet (20)
Something Blue (75)
Void Hammer (25)
Vortex Shield (30)
Ball Blaster (60)
aMAZEing Vision (20)
The Calvary (60)
Groovy Mask (15)
Sapphire (30)
Celebracers (40) [Accepting 7 and accepting untraced for 1/10th of the price]

Feel free to offer other event items, but i'm not too keen on collectables.

Auction ending 15/7/18.

Good Luck :)

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