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How to beat Sky City on Insane?

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I'm fairly new (~2 weeks ago) - have beaten everything except Sky City on insane, have farmed some Insane Survival mythical gear, running DPS Jester with mythical/transcendent armor from boss rush mix and a transcendent Classic's Eagle Crested Standard. I want to beat the final one on Insane before starting Nightmare. The level itself isnt hard -  I have a good build for it, and whenever anything actually takes damage either the mage minions heal the other minions or I can spin 3pots on the Wheel. The main problem is the boss - it seems every time I come close to beating him I die in some cheeky way. The last 2 times I tried and failed - the first time I collided with a Dark Elf Warrior in midair, sending me to my doom, and the second time I thought the wings of the Battlecruiser had collision detection. Is there any easier way to beat the boss than just having to jump to it and back successfully 9-10 times without falling off?

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There is an easy way:

  Goblin Battlecruiser Guide on Steam

But it's more fun if you learn how to jump on and off.

Build Sky City on Easy, and turn off Hardcore so you can die over and over.  Now practice jumping on and off the battlecruiser over and over:

 ① Look for the vent animations.
 ② Walk off, don't jump, where the vent animation is.
 ③ If possible, use the vent farthest from the crystal.

 ④ When you're in mid-air, keep hitting space.  After 3 seconds you can double-jump.
 ⑤ On barb, use tornado stance and never stop attacking in the air.
 ⑥ On other chars, keep attacking and use a DPS pet to help with warriors.

Once you get good at it, you should be able to do it fine on InsHC.

VERY IMPORTANT!  Never jump on the ship at northwest.  You'll get stuck on the north side.  Many players avoid southeast as well, although you can do it fine with double jumping if you practice.

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