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Random MOD /OR/ Shard Ideas

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Got bored waiting for the new Warframe update (HYPE) so started thinking of some random M.O.D.S. that could be cool. Warning: I am a mechanics person not a writer, names may/will be a bit crap but I liked the concept for these and figured I would kill some time. Some of these ideas might be better suited for shards but since i don't really have many MODS to compare with I just made things I thought would be cool. Also, if these are the same/similar to other suggestions then I guess I wasn't the only one with the same idea seeing as I have not really read any other suggestions.

Geode Mimicry Subroutine - Squire Shield MOD

Blocking causes a reflective barrier to form around you that reflects enemy projectiles and deals x% of your Armor as bonus damage to targets hit by reflected projectiles.


Phalanx Protocol - Squire Shield MOD

Blocking causes two spectral Squires to appear on either side of you with shields raised, preventing enemies from passing.


Bash Chip - Squire Shield MOD

While blocking you can use a primary attack to perform a shield bash dealing x% Hero Damage with a x% chance to stun the enemy for 5 seconds. This effect has a 1 second cooldown.


Vortex Chip - Barbarian Weapon MOD

While in Whirlwind enemies are pulled towards the Barbarian and Whirlwind damage is increased by x%.


Ground Breaking Discovery - Barbarian Boot MOD

When the Barbarian Lands (from his right click, idk the name) the impacted ground shatters slowing enemies who enter by x% for 5 seconds.


Phaseshift Augment - Boot MOD

While this MOD is equipped you can walk through enemies and are immune to knockback.


Thorns Protocol - Chest MOD

When you take damage, you have a x% chance of dealing x% of your Hero Health as damage to your attacker.

Guess that’s it for now, if i think of anymore i’ll update the post. Thanks for the read.

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