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[Giveaway] Giveaway Giveaway

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I nominate Pjtor

Yes i understand it's against the rules.

No i don't want to reconsider.

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I do not have friends here currently, so I chose 1 among several who are active.

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@OrderOfParadox quote:

End date: Friday the 11th, during our Friday night stream on twitch. (Where we will draw the winners)

Does this mean that I have to stay up for the stream because its usually at like 4-5am for me and i dont fancy staying up that long D:

Thanks for the giveaway btw :D

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i nominate emilio2013, cuz awww

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Morning everyone!

Thank you to everyone who participated, and a big thank you to those who donated items to be given away!

So.. on to what everyone wants to know: Who won???

We made a total of 20 pairs of items, several pairs were hand chosen to be together, but most were randomly chosen during the stream (using a random number generator).

The prize sets are: (Bold and Italics are claimed sets)

  1. Plout Onion & Rainmaker
  2. Polite Onion & Glacier's Demise
  3. Plout Onion & Mana Master
  4. Plout Onion & NPC
  5. Plout Onion & Celebracers
  6. Cinnamon & Ginger
  7. Cinnamon & Ginger
  8. Vortex Sield & Vortex Hammer
  9. Ball Blaster & Lava Cuffs
  10. Queen Georgia & Aladdin's Wish
  11. Azure Peak & Black Satin Peak
  12. Celebration & Eternity
  13. Golden Roost & Black Magic
  14. YGK's Extended Meat Cleaver & Glacier's Demise
  15. Carapace of the Queen & Devil's Poolskimmer
  16. Mask of the Pumpkin King & Eternity
  17. Vamp's Delight & War Bonnet
  18. Azure Peak & Majora's Mask
  19. Gaia's Last Gift & Admiral Djinn
  20. Armguard of Poison & Devil's Poolskimmer

There were 68 total entries (some had only 1 ticket, some had up to 3 tickets). So we drew 17 winners. (That is a 25% chance for any entry to win.) There are 3 sets that will not be claimed, and they will be added in to a future giveaway.

The 17 Winners are:

  1. Flyfox65 & The_Shotzzer = Set 1
  2. TBone23405 & Mr. Tubs = Set 2
  3. Piisamirotta & EvilFox = Set 4
  4. Punquake = Set 9
  5. Thales & Jyutta = Set 12
  6. Nikinan & Bonny = Set 13
  7. Zurkov & Heatonl = Set 14
  8. Armguard of Poison & Apexstorm = Set 20
  9. Kiwy & Kryen122 
  10. Saikio & Daxthevaks = Set 16
  11. Sam116 & Emilio2013 = Set 17
  12. Russman & Person Man
  13. Flapsi & Loki23 = Set 19
  14. Nick2420 & JDN = Set 5
  15. MrRandomGuy & OG Velho = Set 10
  16. Janemva & My Life is a Meme
  17. TheShadoeBlaze & ???

The sets without italics have NOT chosen their prize set yet. 

Once a set is chosen, the SECOND person in the winning duo gets to choose which item they want, and the remaining item goes to the first person in the winning duo. So.. if you are in one of the winning pairs, please let us know which set you want. (It is first come first serve). 

Winners: Please contact us on steam (Avonlea on steam and Kana on steam). We will be working to make sure everyone is able to receive their winnings as fast as possible!

Again: Thank you to everyone who participated!

Hugs and kisses,

Avonlea, Kana, and Mayhem

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Loki23 and me would take set 19 if its still available

Thank you so much for the Giveaway

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Set 19 is yours Flapsii & Loki23.

Just have Loki23 tell me (here or on steam) which item they want, and then the remaining item is yours Flapsii.

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