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[WTT} New Patch Celebration for Various Events

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I have given this standing offer to a select few before, but I'm now making this thread to have record of it.

I have an extra NPC I received from the Events team ~2 years ago that I have not and probably will never use, so I'm willing to trade it for a few events:

The items I am looking for include:


Black Satin Peak

Queen Georgia

Mask of the Pumpkin King



Notice that I will only trade for the entire set.

Given the "maximum" value of all these items from Atherial's item list, this comes out to ~130 cubes (Which I don't believe for a second) so if you REALLY think the item set is worth more I will be willing to make up a dozen or two CV for the trade.

If you have concerns about the trace, feel free to message me either on the forums or via Steam.

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"Notice that I will only trade for the entire set."

An NPC is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 cubes. Last time I checked, Queen Georgia was around 7 cubes. He wasn't kidding when he made a big list of low-value events he wanted to trade all for his one item.

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