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WTA Bunch of Ult Armor

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Selling a bunch of armor to free up space

Currently accepting coal (6:1) cubes and diamonds (5/10/15)

If a bid holds for 12 hours, the piece will be considered sold 

Ult Pieces

IC: Pending


ult+ 322^ leather blessed vest: 10 coal by Ubermench (Sold)

279^ pris lucky vest: 5 coal by Ubermench (Sold)

271^ lucky chain vest: 1 cv and 2 coal by PiisamiRotta (Sold)

ult+ 283^ lucky chain gauntlets: 3 cv by PiisamiRotta (Sold)

311^ lucky plate cap: 4 coal by Sam116 (Sold)

385^ blessed plate shirt: 1 cv by Dovakhiin (Sold)

370^ lucky pris coat: 12 coal by Bonny (Sold)

322^ unlucky mail cleats: 4 coal by Manicka (Sold)

316^ enchanted chain bracers: 4 coal by Manicka (Sold)

Also MasterPlays is banned from the auction

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3 coal ult+ leather 322.

5 coal 279 pristine tower vest. 

2 coal chain  271.

2 coal ult+ chain 283.

nice collection :D    

btw I will be out of town for the weekend so if I win anything I probably wont be in contact till sunday night. good luck! 

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