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Unique healing and ability resource for all heroes

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Am I the only one that would like to see the ability resource pool and healing mechanics of all the heroes revisited? Some of them are already unique and I'm fine with them staying how they are. But there are some that I would like to see changed.


Healing Ability - Currently just has the basic "Heal Self" channeling ability that is cancelled when you move or take damage. I think this could be replaced with something like Arcane Restoration - An AoE spell like Mana Bomb but without the casting time that places a health regenerating buff on any heroes in the area. The buff is dispelled when a hero takes damage.

Ability Resource - Mana - I think his current Blue Mana resource pool can remain as it is. It is not automatically regenerated. Various amounts drop in the form of blue crystals when enemies are killed and they are picked up to fill his resource pool. As long as all the other heroes are changed, this would become a mechanic unique to the Apprentice.


Healing Ability - Meditate - This would be somewhat similar to the current Heal Self but I imagine the animation being like levitating in the lotus position.

Ability Resource - Chi - Monk/Initiate would use their Chi to power their abilities. Chi would not automatically generate on its own, but a small amount would passively generate while inside of a Serenity Aura, or it could be restored faster by using Meditate. Meditating inside of a Serenity Aura would stack for the fastest regeneration.


Healing Ability - Masochism - A short term buff that converts incoming damage to healing.

Ability Resource - Stamina - Stamina would be used to power abilities. A large resource pool that cannot be regenerated or restored in any way during Combat Phase (which is why it is a large pool, but it's still possible to run out if you spam too much). All Stamina is restored completely during Build Phase (because you get to take a break from the fighting and rest to restore your stamina)


Healing Ability - ??? - I'm not really sure what about this one. Got any ideas? I was thinking a Healing Flask to go along with her Oil Flask, but that might be too similar to Dryad's Powder Toss.

Ability Resource - ??? - I can't think of what her ability resource should be, or how it is gained. Any suggestions?

Abyss Lord

This guy already has unique healing, and ability resource generation. Just give it a new name so it's not confused with other characters who use a thing called "Mana". Call it Souls or something.

Series EV2

Healing Ability - Repair Station - A thing that can be placed like defenses, but it doesn't have any DU cost, only 1 can be placed, it can be moved, and it does no damage. She can activate it and it takes 2-3s to repair her to full. Repair time is constant no matter how much health needs to be restored and it cannot be cancelled or interupted once started.

Ability Resource - Heat is already unique.

Gun Witch

Healing and ability resource are already unique.


Healing and ability resource are already unique. But something needs to change with how he gains his ability resource.

Currently you need to build Fissures and they spawn a pickup to restore molten power. That's cool and all, but if someone else is building the map and there's no room for Fissures, then you have no way to gain Molten Power.

One way to fix it is change Fissures back to 0 DU and limited to 2-3 per map. But free damage for 0 DU is bad for the game so they'd have to be just used to generate ability resource. That would leave him with only Oil Geyser, Maw, and Volcano, so he would not be an effective builder.

So my next idea would be to change Eruption ability. Replace it with Volcanic Vent. You can place 2-3 Volcanic Vents around the map for 0 DU. These things are what generate Molten Power pickups. They can also be "activated" to spend molten power to trigger an eruption that would produce the same effect that Eruption has now. This way he can keep all 4 defenses, still has a way to generate ability resource pickups, and gets to keep the ability to erupt.


Healing and Ability Resource are already unique.

Possibly change Serpent's Coil to cost 0 DU and not deal damage, but make enemies killed around it drop health orbs.


Healing and Ability Resource are already unique.


I don't want to comment on Barbarian right now. If anyone else has anything to say about his healing and ability resource, spit it out.

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I love the amount of creativity in this idea and everything you have shared. The one thing i would say is that DD2 is already a pretty confusing place. with nothing but a short tutorial to guide you, and no real online updated guides (at least any past the POTA update), it makes this hard for new players to understand how it all works. Your idea would add to that level of confusion I think. However, as you play the game more and more - you feel this desperate need for some variety as you get bored with the grind, and your ideas would really help with that plateau. 

Currently, i hate when i cannot heal my hero. I like being able to heal as the Huntress when i want, and not have to run into a mob to heal , like Barb has to. When it is too complicated, it makes it hard to be effective in a real fight for me. I would like the healing to have some level of unified vision across all units, with some tweaks here and there. Same kind of goes with mana. Sucks if you play as LM, and the builder makes no Fissures. Too specialized in his case. Like Dryad. If there are no trees...you are going to die. Same with the Coil idea you mentioned. Just remember to have accessibility in any situation - and then i am on board. Otherwise i tend to not play as that hero. 

Great ideas, thanks for sharing. 

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I love these ideas.

As for Barbarian, I think his Draining Stance, the shard Draining Strikes, and combined with his high health (i.e. Life Leech) has given him too much survivability. I'd be happy for him to lose his draining stance in favour of a Berserk Stance whereby he becomes more powerful as his life force is eroded - which would encourage players to play him aggressively but also be mindful of having to source a heal for him (or relying on only Life Leech to replenish him which wouldn't be enough to make him immortal as he is now).

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