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[WTA] Ult ++ Pristine Gauntlets (Closed)

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Winner!: Area 51 - Celebracers + Mana Master - 65 CV

The end of the auction is going to be on April 3, 2018. 8:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time) The reason I'm making the end date so far from now is because I'm going to a different state for a little vacation and I won't be back until then.

I'm taking Cubes, Diamonds [4/8/13] and pretty much any and all Event Items. *cough* mostly ball blaster or gaias *ahem*

Anywhoo if you bid an Event Item, list what you value it at because everyone values them differently.

I have the right to not sell the item if I'm not satisfied by any offers.

Oh last thing, I value Event Items over Cubes and Diamonds. So, for example. If someone bid 5CV and someone else bid an Event Item worth 4CV and I, the seller, would like that item. The 4CV bid would be worth more than the 5CV bid. Yeah I know that this might be kind of confusing  so what I'm going to do is update this as often as i can and write who the highest bidder is.

Here's the item: Ultimate++ Enchanted Pristine Gauntlets

Here's the IC: Checked By Plane

gl hf

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