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Succ the Fabled

The problem with Trials/Incursions ennemies and Onslaught

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Greetings fellow dungeoneers and faculty.

I would like to start by addressing the topic, onslaught.  I am having issues finishing stages at times, especially ones that are three stages long.  In my experience, the server seems to time out with my connection or so it seems.  Example: Ready up, green check mark appears and alas nothing happens.

Another issue would be the freezing and/or blue screen of death.

While my frustration lasts only a short time... it occurs often with such issues that I am experiencing.

I have heard rumours that the stages are to be reduced from three to one to counteract such, however I take rumours with a grain of salt.

What can I and the others expect in terms now? 

PS4 PRO/1GB Ethernet WIRED/EAST COAST to EAST COAST connectivity

I have recently returned to the game after being gone for a year, have been a part of the game since day one previous to then, including the alpha stages and the survivor skins to boot with it.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day.  

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