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Sharken: Burst damage or shove?

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I strongly agree with leaving Sharkens alone.  They have an interested unique effect.  Making towers immune to being immune to Sharken push and immune to spider webs all while adding proposed tower buffs will make the game much easier.

The Sharken's and Spider's abilities have been around since before minions (which in most cases take care or trivialize their effect).  Back in Misty Mire days before Strength drain removed elemental infinity, spiders actually required players to change their builds.  Aura stack/minions as in today, didn't trivialize them.  Making physical towers immune to these Shard abilities kills the whole purpose of them as far as I'm concerned.

@Pulchritudinous Washboard quote:

@talantmajr quote:

I do not think Sharkens should be changed at all. They function perfectly well in the game as it stands now and any change in balance for them would be a massive shift (/***ting) on what the initial focus of what the Eternia Shards mobs brought to Nightmare as a concept.

I agree with this. I don't think changing Sharkens is the right way of buffing lesser used walls. By removing the push from Sharkens they just become another Orc/Ogre ripoff.

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