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The game, a repost from my statement on the Steam community (by request)

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I want to like the game, I played DD1 for 1,500 hours (though some of that was AFK trying to sell things), Eternity for another 250 hours and DD2 for about 450 hours.  I am a founder (Defense Council) for this game, and have the most lame slap in the face, we only changed the colors, tower skins to prove it. I have one of every hero type with the exception of Barbarian and the female monk.  Each character is level 50, each leveled with hard work. At one point I had two level 50's for each class, one for towers and one for non-tower damage (duplicates since deleted). I feel like this should give me a little credibility.

There's certainly been some improvements from the last game.

But it just isn't as much fun.

I'm a casual player, I'll never be uber and hate the min/max race. I just want to play and have fun.

Gear doesn't seem as good as the first game. Not being afk for days trying to sell gear for gold is an improvement, but honestly I haven't found gear yet I'd even want to sell.

Gold for obtaining upgrades on gear is almost non-existant. Why? It screams micro-transaction, even though you can't (to my knowledge) buy gold through the store.  And on that front, why do we need to spend gold for gear upgrades at all?  It's not like we are spending gold to upgrade a specific stat on the item.  We aren't customizing gear, it's a throwback from a no longer existing mechanism. It's become just another gate to slow down progression.

Pet's suck, almost pointless really unless you have the right one with the right skill which takes a certain amount of leveling and time. And then, your 8 second moment of "fun" has a 45 second cooldown. Pet's should be as cool as weapons, but they seem less valuable than the first green helmet I found on easy mode. I used to farm for better pets on DD1. Here, they are a forgotten and mostly useless inventory item. I loved the pets from the first game!

Maps, are too complex - at least most of them are. I enjoyed memorizing maps, and learning just where my towers needed to go to maximize output for my group of guys. Picking one map to repeat here really isn't possible, not if you're trying to progress. Why shouldn't I be able to do Gates (or whatever) on Chaos xx if that's what I enjoy? I really don't feel like spending 20 minutes setting up towers only to fail, and have to repeat it again. And let's face it, with the playerbase, rather lack thereof, not building isn't an option.  Having multiple, multiple, multiple crystal cores for me is a turn off.

Progression while possible isn't nearly as seemless or simple. Maybe I'm doing something wrong - I don't mind farming for a better piece of gear, it's really the main thrust of the game, but the difficulty of farming, and doing so without better drops for days on end? Where's the reward in that - I mean, I'm seeing zero net gain, even in gold.

Shard management blows.

Masteries is an interesting twist. But, it seems like too little reward for the effort put into it. I'll admit I just finished my first one on C1, with a perfect score I might add. But, I shook my head and said, "Seriously?!!" out loud when I got my "reward" for finishing the map.

I loved having my own tavern with achievement trophies to show the world. Having someone see all my trophies and awesome looking gear, while infrequent, was a draw and part of the reason I worked so hard in DD1 to finish all the achievements. It was one of the few games I've actually done achievement chasing in. It's one more thing that drew me to the original game.  Carrot on a stick rewards that are visible to other players?  Sign me up!!

Not having the ability to customize your crystal core is a minor annoyance, but would be a fairly easy way to show off achievements, albeit only one at a time.

The only draw for the game right now for me, is getting enough in-game currency to unlock a new hero. And a new hero isn't going to help with the main issues of the game.

This should be viewed, developed and played as a single player game with an option for multiplayer.  It almost seems disingenuous to release a throw-back character that has no towers in a game that has a player-base incapable of handling a player who wants to play a character that can't accomplish the mission at hand, to defend the crystal core(s).  Is the release of the Barbarian an effort to cash in on the success of yesteryear, or to improve the quality of life for the current player-base (or both, or neither?)

Trendy has done a bang-up job ensuring the game has longevity in that there are multiple hurtles to become top-tier in the game and increased the complexity to ensure afk boredom isn't a thing.  But in the process they've swung the pendulum too far in that direction.

Trendy really has a good platform here, capable of so much more.  I could undoubtedly offer loads of suggestions on improvements, rather than just criticizing the game.  But I never felt validated as a defense council member prior to release, so thinking it would be different now... and yes, I'm a little butt-hurt over the tower skins.  I believed in this game, paid for this game, and played it hoping for something different.  I'm invested, and passionate about DD2 because I want to like it and believe it still has potential.

While maybe I'm not looking for some instant gratification and a quick hit of dopamine, something to show for my effort when I log in for an hour would be nice. Thanks.

--Off my soapbox.

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That's before you get to the fact that fighting against a few of the chaos mobs is just tedious and not fun(more so on the tower front).

I can't speak as much to if all the towers are viable but as far as the shards the towers use then there is really only one set of options per tower. The more special shards(tower doing something special when used ) are often pointless to use when you can just get more damage, radius or crit. Then there is the fact that the speed orb was removed(yes it was useless) which in turn means your options are down to 3 relics and it's not really a choice. The main issue overall is the game keep pigeonholing you into one choice for everything and then when you actually think about to build with it comes down to a few towers most of the time.

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