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Jim Darkmagic and Demoness costumes have the wrong speed

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Two costumes have custom ground speed set, but the custom value was accidentally typed into the wrong field:

 ・ Jim Darkmagic is supposed to be higher health, larger, and lower speed, just like the Penny Arcade monk costume.  He should have 500 speed, versus 600 for regular app.  However, his speed is set incorrectly, so he has more health with the same speed as the regular app.

 ・ Demoness is supposed to be lower health and higher speed, a girl version of the summoner.  She should have 765, versus 650 for regular summoner.  However, her speed is set incorrectly, so she has less health with the same speed as the regular summoner.

I'm pretty sure these are bugs, but they would affect game balance so I can't fix them unless the community wants me to fix them.  So I'm not suggesting a change with this post, but someone else could if they wanted to.  I'm just supplying more information.

For reference, the speed of every costume:
  Barb - 320 tavernkeep imposter, 408 santa, 550 regular, 650 amazon
  Squire - 337 super legendary, 352 legendary, 450 regular, 650 mitt romney/tycho
  Ranger - 386 tuxedo, 560 regular, 560 outlander
  Series EV - 433 ev 1.75, 480 ev 1.5, 525 bounty hunter/jetpack bounty hunter, 690 regular
  Apprentice - 445 super legendary, 465 legendary, 600 regular
  Monk - 464 super legendary, 500 legendary, 550 cardboard tube samurai, 650 regular
  Huntress - 496 super legendary, 535 legendary, 690 regular
  Summoner - 650 both costumes
  Countess - 650 all costumes
  Initiate - 750 all costumes
  Adept - 800 all costumes
  Jester - 850 both costumes

If a costume is not listed, it's the same as the one listed for "regular".

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I'm pretty sure the only important one is the demoness change, but I'm fine with fixing both costumes.

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Okay, since everyone is in favor I put in the fix :)

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