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Make every map on survival go up to 40-50 waves or endless ?

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The titles explains it but this change imo would allow more chances overall to get better gear instead of older maps going to 30 (kings game).


  1. Less time rebuilding more time farming
  2. More Loot
  3. Random pet rewards in 5 wave intervals ?
  4. End game progression is slightly is easier


  1. Development time
  2. Determining how the scaling will be for older maps (campaign)
  3. Determing the ending point to loot in maps ( imo end the loot increase at the maps last wave in the current patch)
  4. Determing if the difficulty increases when that theshold is reached 
  5. Influx in ult due to this change  

Another random idea: Make alot of the older challenge maps into campaign maps or add more loot increasing modifiers to survival.

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