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Week Long Event: Fan Art and Screenshot Contest!

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Well since it's extended I'll post another ;)

Best listened with this tune. 


The DeadReavers has broken into the Private Tavern. All Talonguards have been defeated. 

There is only the last line of defense. The True Liberty. He stands guard, waiting for that barbaric spawns to break through. He will defend. And he will emerge victorious!


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The legion don't need towers to get respect on da street.

Your enemies, my enemies will unleash our wrath on our enimors and now open da gates!


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First of all: sorry for my english

I hope that im still on time to participate... just saw this post yesterday and i made this quickly

im only a month or so playin this game and already love it, no only its funny but the concept art its really beautiful...

i made a "terrifying" ? versión of Betsy Dragon pet, hope you like it




reference that i used


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