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Flash Heal compared to Jester Wheel

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So, we all know, the Jester wheel "Heal All" caps at 75% Tower and Player HP healed. 

So what about the Summoners "Flash Heal"? This only caps at 35% !!! and is limited to a VERY small area.

I propose that the Flash Heal gets a boost.

The ability costs 150 mana, same as the wheel. it takes 10 seconds(well, more like 12-13 to actually use again) to cool-down and doesn't cover a very big space. The Jester wheel covers EVERYTHING on the map for 75%. EVERYTHING.

Some of you may say "Yea well, you can instantly heal all nearby towers, making it more effective in a tight situation". Yes, but if you are good at the wheel, you can roll "Heal All" in a few seconds. And the 75% total HP healed means you don't have to worry about doing it again anytime soon, as it pretty much 100%'s all towers(nobody uses heal when towers are about to break, that's just too risky).

IMO, these are the ways we should get it buffed/balanced: 

  • Heal 75% for minions, 35% for towers(or both at 40-50%)
  • reduce cost to 75-100 mana
  • Do something with the range(suggestions)


  • Flash Heal will have more uses. Not Multi-summoners casting at once.
  • won't make Jesters wheel the ONLY choice at map healing
  • Summoner is pretty worthless at MOST things, this could change that.
  • Players might have an EZ AFK mode
  • (suggestions?)
  • it could become really powerful for Armour Farming. Especially if paired with a Djinlet (It could be now, I haven't tried. Leave your "if you haven't tried, why post" comments out-side)

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I think that flash heal is fine as it is, I don't use it much but when I do I've never thought that it needed any of the changes you're suggesting. 

The fact that it only has a 10 second cool-down means that it doesn't need to heal that much. Adding more healing but increasing the cool-down time doesn't really solve anything.

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There's always the ability to manually heal. If anything I wouldn't mind the cost going down, but the cooldown is fine. Summoners get the perk of always getting armor drops, so no reason to buff them much.

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I have farmed a lot of survivals over the years with one or multiple summoners and I must say I don't really see why you'd think flash heals are weak. 

The one thing where summoner shines is the overlord mode, where you have a much easier time seeing where heals are needed than a jester ever can. Because you can jump around the map checking your build so quickly, you don't need huge heals most the time. No need for a huge heal if a minor repair will do!

Usually defenses are quite close together in a few chokes, so a flash heal will heal most of the defenses. 

Lower hp towers should never be in a vulnerable spot and require little to no healing at all. (reflects around, behind walls or far enough back)

I have to admit I use normal heals a lot more than flash heals on most survivals because it requires less mana.  

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