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Shock Beams and What to Do With Them

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Gigazelle suggested it so I will.

Preface: Shock beams suck

Why? They're a mixture of Gas Traps and Spike traps without the things that make them good.

  • Shock beams do roughly 1/10 the damage of a Spike Trap
  • Shock beams activate too slowly to stun the DEWs and Spiders that Gas traps can't stun
  • Shock Beams CAN stun ogres, but they do it so rarely they might as well not (For practical purposes, I will assume it doesn't happen)
  • Shock beams must be placed either perpendicular to the mob's path in order to stun the entire path (in which case they activate too slow)
  • Or they can be placed parallel (then they don't cover the full path)

In the other thread, Gigazelle suggested this:

  • Reduce DU cost by 1
  • Increase fire rate (and health scaling) to be comparable to proxy traps
  • Guarantee stun to everything except ogres
  • Increase vertical hitbox to match EST
  • If a djinn tries to touch it, shock them

I think these are decent enough changes, but in my opinion, they don't address the core issue that Shock Beams have; namely, the windup time for the stun is far too long for endgame mob movespeed, and they can't stun ogres.

Whatever happens, the windup time should begin scaling or increase scaling with tower attack rate.

The debatable point in my opinion is should Shock beams reliably stun ogres. I would gladly trade all the damage in the world for even a 50% chance to shock ogres on activation. This follows the same logic as the Jack-inthe-Box: It is awful at killing ogres; endgame DD is about how to kill ogres; let it do something unique. For the record, I told you so.

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Shock Beam should be an alternative or secondary defensive layer to gas traps.

  • It should reliably and instantaneously stun any non-ogre that touches it including Djinn that try to destroy it.
  • It should stun every enemy entering it for a short duration (0.2-0.5 seconds) before going on cooldown (0.5-1 seconds).
  • It should stun for 3-10 seconds based on the shock beam stat. When enemies get out of the stun they shouldn't trigger the beam again for a short duration (0.5-1 seconds).
  • It shouldn't work very well on ogres because that would make it overpowered and mandatory in front of every wall. It could mini-stun them every 5-10 seconds. It could also stun them for half the duration but then they would become immune for a while (30-60 seconds).
  • It should work perpendicular to enemy pathing but be able to stun the same enemy multiple times if it's parallel to it.


I like the idea of making them taller like Mambo suggested. I don't think it should do any damage.

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(I made a post about Shock Beams in the other thread, but the forums derped out and signed me out. So I'll just do a short summary again.)
My idea was something along these lines:

  • Visually, make Shock Beams like Reflect Beams, and change its color to Blue. That would actually lift its vertical height, visually.
  • Any enemy passing through the Shock Beam or staying in it(i.e. clipping), will get dealt 100% damage + Stun for 5 secs.
  • It will also have an AoE of about 4DU Buff Beam radius, and any enemies that are inside the AoE get dealt 50% of the damage and 2 second stun.
  • Since we are actually making everything get stunned, regardless of mob type -- increase its base DU by 1 and mana build cost by 30.
  • (Co-incidentally we thought of the same thing) If a Djinn is summoning it, it gets shocked for 3 secs and gets dealt 35% damage. The Djinn however is immune to its AoE damage and stun time, but if it actually passes through the Shock Beam, it gets dealt 100% damage and 5 sec stun.

Damage wise I feel there are DPS towers dime a dozen. Something unique is needed for these towers to be attractive enough to be used on NMHC. Which is why I didn't suggest about any damage buff. And IMO it should stun Ogres 100%, becasue if its a, say, 50% stun chance, then I'm essentially putting up whatever 4-5 DU for gamble in hopes of stunning 5 out of 10 Ogres. That 4 or 5DU I could use to get a Party Popper in and get some more DPS! :D
Also all numbers are place holders and can be tweaked/changed based on balance etc.

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