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[WTB] Gear

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There's some gear I wanna buy

i dont got much to pay with....2 non caps (unupped) 2 cubes and 12 coal. Also have a vortex shield, ginger, and mr. skelly I can trade. I might be willing to trade eternity. Unless I somehow buy everything on the list, this will stay up, and will update when I get more currency. Just message me on steam if you have any of this. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198114090769/

What I need:

Ab1 ult Leather chest, ult leather helm, and ult leather boots.

If they reach above sup cap with upped res, then they are good enough.

Does Not need any other sides

Ab2 Ult Chain Boots and Ult Chain Helm.

Would be nice if they had hero hp

A Sup/Ult Ab2 set (doesnt matter which type of gear)

Dps Ult Pristene Chest, Gloves, and Boots

These need at least 200+ ab2 with set bonus. Again, would be nice if they had hero hp, but not a requirement.

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Have ult leather vest and boots if you want. Message me when online

Also ab2 chain boots with 573 ab2 and 195 hero hp

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