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[Contest] Fan-art Design contest - FINISHED

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Hello everyone.

I wanted to do a giveaway with some events I got, but I want to spice things up. Since lolzcoolcat just did a replay old event maps, this one is gonna be different.

Prizes are:
A NPC, a Pumpking Mask and a Gaia's Last Gift (trace)

Rainmaker and Cavalry (trace)

Arm Guards of Earth, Staff of the Pumking King, Boneyard Blade, Rockshatter and Black Satin Peak (trace)

The rules are simple. Just submit your personal made DD fan-art (no NSFW stuff). It can be a photo of your drawing, a digital drawing, anything goes.

Don't worry if you think you can't draw, even some stick figures within DD context can be submitted (but please put at least some effort into it)

For the rewards, MusictoMe and I will choose the 7 best art submitted to get the prize they want. Three random arts will be picked for the leftover items.
If I get any other rewards will edit number of winners here.

The deadline for submission is the 2nd of March.

Winners are as follow:
1. Spader44 - NPC
2. jyutta - Rainmaker
3. Buzziko - Rockshatter
4. damien - Staff of the Pumking King
5. Nikinan - Cavalry
6. ElShaddollPuddingcess - Gaia's Last Gift
7. fierryyy - Arm Guards of Earth
8. Lapiz - Black Satin Peak
9. Cerealsentinel - Mask of the Pumking King
10. GibsonMan - Boneyard Blade

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@mvarcola quote:

Wich I think I should get another chance as I did not mean to post that SOOOOO bad I accidentally put the wrong link 

Then post what you have right now. If you don't post what you have been working on I won't believe you

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