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Let's Make A Costume: Apprentice!

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How do you think about sandals? I think sandals would fit pretty well. (those like the romans had)

Thanks for this great and fun idea. Makes me think you are creating stuff the community asked for a few years ago. Looks like we should really be looking forward what you're revelaing the next few months. :-)

[[166314,users]] Please have a look at this topic. Especially the great pictures of mixed costumes. (this was a request point since the introduction of the very first hero cosmetics and I still think this might encourage us to dump a lot more gems ^^) 

How do you think about the basic idea of moustache flairs? :-P

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@Dreizehn quote:

@Paloverde zfogshooterz quote:

I've just read it. The idea is cool. But, I personally prefer the card system more.......

Sorry, I don't understand exactly what you mean.. From what I see those systems don't exclude each other.

From what I've read at that thread, it kinda suggested that all the costume becomes accessories for the base heroes.

  • Combine all costumes into accessories for the base hero. Allow us to mix and match any component from any costume.
Therefore, it makes stuff like this redundant : (the card arts, not the scanning system)

I do really like the card arts. It's really one of the motivations for me to buy costumes. And it also makes it fun to scan other people decks too.

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Alright, so here are the requirements so far:

- Demon brain bug thing
- Silly apprentice face
- Shark Teeth
- Pink Cape
- Muscly upper body
- Tribute to Succ The Fabled
- Fire Whip
- Leek legs
- Sandals
- Tentacle Arm
- Hydra Staff
- Pot of Spaghetti (staff)
- Pizza flair wings (these would be a flair, and not really a hero skin, but just for a prototype)


Pants are still open (I just drew those in)

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Wow! Funky!

Perhaps the pants/greaves/armor could be made out of crab shells? kraken_icon.pngSharkman_insane.png (since he's having some sea creatures as certain anatomy why not have a pants/armor made out of crab shells?)

Edit : It could be seashells too instead of crab shells.

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