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Make blockades great again

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I do not recommend just making magic blockade tanky. They'll never be an effective alternative to any other wall by increasing their health -- at best, they would just be a replacement. They need some sort of gimmick to make them a viable alternative, and I still think healing instead of hurting from elemental damage would be the way to go -- keep their health low, but make them essentially take no damage from enemies that deal 50/50 generic/elemental damage (generally only the first hit due to their elemental removal), be healed by 100% elemental damage (mages, spiders, kobolds, ogre projectiles, etc), and get their asses kicked in as usual by vanilla generic enemies with no element.

SnD needs better health scaling, but the damage is fine. I heartily approve of Plane's suction proposal as outlined in another thread.

I think JitB could use better health scaling, but it would benefit more from better range than from higher knockback.

I'm a little surprised that the spike blockade doesn't already reflect melee damage.

I do not think that Sharken's push should be removed, but I do think it should not be able to push blockades. I would have it target minions and towers, but be able to be bodyblocked with blockades.

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