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tower skin ideas for characters

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IDEA #1:You should have her towers be some variation of pure gold like picture related.



IDEA #1: I think a copy and paste of the rainbow effect for characters with no choices would be neat.(it might be seen as lazy but i think it is better then nothing)


IDEAD #1: The mechanical part to her defences would look like ballon animals but the beams and other things would stay the same.

IDEA #2: 8bit versions of all beams and mechanical parts just like the dryad version.

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@Love_Lucky_777 quote:

@Paloverde zfogshooterz quote:

:O An Egyptian theme for the Mystic's tower skin would be very nice!

did you see the other ideas?

Yeah, I did. Since you asked, I'm just gonna put my thought on them then.

Hypno Lavamancer tower skin : Since there's the Monk and Abyss lord Hypno Pack, why not add more to the fray?

"Balloon animals" EV2 tower skin : I really like it. It sounds fun :)

"Bit-Crush" EV2 tower skin : Unfortunately, this may not seem right.... 'cause the dryad came from terraria, and the bit-crush tower skin was meant to emulate that more.

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