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Ancient Power Re-work (team stacking should be removed)

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I think Ancient power should not affect other party members' tower stats or they should at a reduced rate.

While I don't have the exact stats on this, I think most people play dd2 solo. However, because the ancient powers stack by all the party members, now the game is balanced around having four times the value of a particular stat (tower damage, for example). The result of balancing around this makes it feel trivial for individuals playing solo, which accounts for most of the gameplay. 

If you balance ancient power around feeling meaningful for solo players and they stack then you would have towers doing like 200% more damage which would be OP. 

It seems like removing the stacking would help enable to balance playing solo and group. People would still be better off pushing harder onslaught floors with others (more prestige the better), because of additional dps, boss and lane management.

Alternatively, it could stack, but at a reduced rate. So half of your tower damage stat will apply to group member's towers. 

In terms of prestige stats points, I think these would be meaningful but not OP:

Tower damage: 5% for each level/5 levels

Tower crit chance: 2% per level/ 5 levels

Tower crit damage: I am not sure how this is calculated but could be integrated into prestiging.

Chance to debuff (oil, drench, slow, burn, etc)

tower life leech

Crowd control reduction for hero and towers.

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The small percentages seem reasonable if you had a full team although it could still be bigger. The problem is finding a team, a map or an onslaught level where you are on par with the others who have reset to fully utilise the stacking benefits. Easier said than done. I play onslaught almost exclusively solo because of how terrible multiplayer scaling is and there aren't many open games past 65 anyway.

My suggestion is to increase solo benefits by 4 fold, so e.g. 5 points would give 20% defence power or 10% range. Now, to make the power attractive still to encourage people to play together, we would add that original boost of  5% defence power per player. So, 20% solo+5% per additional player specced with ancient defence power bonus.

Some of the bonuses are lackluster, like respawn time and build time (lmao). As BeerGoggles has mentioned, crowd control reduction could be a useful power to have e.g. shortening emp duration, dampening the effects of frost orcs, lowering the freeze time of Yeti. Something like 5% per point would give some nice utility for the player who has invested considerable time, but yet not OP as proper builds and active gameplay could have prevented that in the first place.

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