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Succ the Fabled

Lootboxes are really not so good for people with a lot of cosmetics

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Hello, first of all, I'd like to say that I really dislike anything lootbox related in any games. RNG usually has a tendency to not be very helpful with people.

Secondly, I have a major issue with lootboxes that I'd wish to change, as a new player who has no cosmetics yet, you may not see it happen often but, it's very hard to get the drop you want from lootboxes when you have a lot of costumes (in my case, every costumes/tower skins and flairs you can get with gems, without the need of lootboxes). It's basically like a reverse-funnel. The more costumes you have, the bigger the funnel becomes, the less chances of getting something new you get. I think an interesting way to go around that would be to allow players to maybe use gems, tho that would make mythical lootboxes not worth much at that point. 

While i'm at it, I feel like mythical lootboxes should have higher chances of giving something new to a player considering I opened 200€ worth of mythical lootboxes and ended up getting about ~60 million gold worth of duplicate off of them. While I would have preferred on the contrary getting new things out of them. Mostly considering the amount of money I spent on them. While i'm at it, I ended up getting way too many Psycho Wings out of these lootboxes, it felt good getting my first pair of those, but it got disappointng very quickly to see too many of those pairs instead of again, something new!

Basically, i'm asking of you Trendy, please, think about players who already have too many costumes and tweak things so they don't end up being more disappointed than anything like I was. Lootboxes are already a bad enough system in videogames since it's leaving it to RNG but having them become less and less worth it makes me want to avoid investing anything in the game more than anything...

If you've read throught all this, thank you! Please speak out your opinion too, so i'm not the only one! apprentice_small.png

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I agree. The current system also makes it so that some skins are so exclusive that you can only get it through the RNG of Defender Packs. Some customers want a way to eventually buy these exclusive skins and long time players may end up losing interest in trying to get defender packs. I think this situation will get even worse if new skins and other things are added to Defender Packs. It's already hard to get the skins from the previous lockboxes.

The most "fair" loot box system I've had is the one one Heroes of the Storm. DD2's lootbox system is similar except that there's an opportunity for players to eventually buy their desired skin. Whenever a player gets a duplicate skin from the loot box, they get a currency (called Shards in HotS) that they can save up to purchase skins. With this system, someone that plays the game long enough and/or someone who wants to buy a lot of loot boxes can eventually get the exact skin they want. On top of that, Heroes of the Storm gives more opportunities for players to earn guaranteed loot boxes, which is another thing I hope comes to DD2 (weekly quest reward maybe?). I hope we can get something similar in DD2 or something better to get players excited about collecting skins. 

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Honestly, yes. I agree with all of this. The RNG's too much. There's too many things being put in there, and some of the ain't even necessary.

Fox example : The RNG doesn't do well for me in this case. I got too many duplicate accessories, which is quite annoying and even more disappointing if you rarely get Defender Packs. It's even worse if it's obtainable pet's and consumables.

And there are few more irking stuffs too. 

Here are the factors that irks me :

Obtainable Pets and Pet consumables : We can already get those pets through hatchery and that's a good system. And we could also get those consumables through pet bags (also a nice system). There's no point in putting those stuff in Defender Packs. If you read the update notes of PoTA, it'll say that defender packs are meant to feel rewarding when you receive one.  

I can say that when opened and there's a obtainable pet or consumables, it's actually quite disappointing. 

Of course I don't mind the monthly pets being already in there. It's just the obtainable pets that's irking me.

Some Costumes/Tower Skins that's purchasable with currency that's moved to defender packs : I don't see the logic of moving costumes like them into Defender Packs and frankly, they should be returned to being purchasable with gems :

  • Ramster Knight Squire
  • Goblin Infiltrator Huntress
  • Tiguar Monk
  • Farmboy Apprentice
  • Woodland Apprentice
  • Strongman Squire (a big ? for why break the pattern of the Dragonfall Carnival heroes)
  • Depth Lord
  • And whatever tower skins that "exclusive" to defender packs
Those costumes/Tower Skins have been purchasable for quite some time (not that long for Tower Skins, but they're still purchasable back then). It just doesn't feel right personally. Making new ones and put them into those packs would be much better. Like the Jade Guardian, Plexus, Galaxy and the EV2 Waveform Armor or Sandwitch. That's why I like those.                                                                                                                                                                    Although for some reason, I don't mind the Permafrost being in them Packs. They just fit in there.

                                                                                                                                                       Duplicates : Well, no one like getting duplicates, don't they? Sure there's lot of gold to be made with duplicates, but in the end, they're just gold, nothing special.

I can see Lightrayne's solution being a great solution to this. Duplicate give a unique currency to buy those skins that's available in defender packs is actually quite nice. After all, one way or another, it's "free".

Now with the irking factors and their solutions, it lessens the pro-longevity of hunting for the stuff you want. They way I see to fix this is to add more unique stuff in to Defender Packs.

So, yeah, that's my thoughts on Defender Packs.

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