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WTA 2x ult++ items [ENDED]

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Hello everyone ! I want to aunction these 2 items. They've been sitting in my tavern since a year ( almost ).

I'm accepting : coals, cubes, diamonds or event items ( if they are worth it ).

Value of diamonds on my point of view : 5/10/15

It's my first aunction since i play, my apologise if it's not perfect..^^

Post will stay updated !

End of the aunction : 21 January 2018 at 19h00 ( EST ).

Plate Boots  ( DPS ) ( ic'd by Plane ) 

Gladius ( build wep )

https://imgur.com/a/h2i8y  ( same link for the 2 items )

Plate boots 

C/o : sold for 41cv to CarmelDrizzel


C/o : 5cv by Ektron

( decided to not sell the pet sorry )

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