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Suggestion for Mastery Rewards

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  In current reward mastery reward system a new player must win 680 stars (minimum 136 map) to win automation shard.Thats too much for casual players. I suggest new reward system for mastery.

            Old                                                                                New

  • 50 Stars:    Mass Destruction                                50 mastery 1 stars

  • 155 Stars:  Vicious Strikes                                     50 mastery 2 stars

  • 260 Stars:  Radiant Critical Power                        50 mastery 3 stars

  • 365 Stars:  Explosive Shielding Guard                 50 mastery 4 stars

  • 470 Stars:  Thunderstruck                                     50 mastery 5 stars

  • 575 Stars:  Destructive Pylon                                50 mastery 6 stars

  • 680 Stars:  Automation                                          50 mastery 7 stars


 This type of system gives player an option which shard they want first.With this system its faster to get shards but you must win all 21 mastery map in one chaos difficulty to get flairs.

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