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Power of the Ancients Hotfix 2.0.2

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Greetings Defenders,

Power of the Ancients has been out for a week now, with Hotfix 2.0.2 now live! We received a lot of great feedback regarding Onslaught, and this is our first shipment of changes based on that feedback. Keep it coming! While we work on getting new content out, we want to make sure things in the live game are as great as they can be.

This hotfix is to quickly address a handful of bugs and adjustments before the holidays. This is only the beginning of the improvements that are going to be made, so take a look at what we’ve included so far.


  • Increased the size of billboards on consoles to make them more readable.

  • Onslaught - Removed several lane mutator combinations based on feedback.

  • Onslaught - Removed one schedule: Cyborks/Geodes won’t spawn together in most circumstances. The mini-boss versions of each can still spawn with the normal enemies.

  • Clarified the language for players returning players regarding the defender pack acquisition.


  • Fixed a multiplayer issue resulting in being sent back to the main menu when playing Onslaught.

  • Pet reagents that come out of Defender Packs stack again and can be used to evolve your pets.

  • Fixed several issues that were causing Billboards to be duplicated on several maps.

  • Added an additional billboard in the Crumbled Bulwark map.

  • Fixed a missing billboard in Buried Bastille.

  • Fixed an issue with billboard threat colors displaying incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue where Tuskar had the incorrect icon.

  • Fixed an issue where after gaining Ancient Power, players were sometimes unable to unlock Trials and Onslaught floors.

    • Players were previously unable to unlock later Chaos difficulties via Trials if the requisite challenges aren't finished first.

  • Fixed a collision issue in Unholy Catacombs.

  • Fixed an issue with Campaign Hard spawning specific Trials Lane Modifiers.

  • Fixed an issue with the Town Portal requiring players to complete the campaign.

  • Fixed a mode selection issue with the Town Portal causing errors.

  • Fixed an issue where players next Onslaught Floor was not showing up in the War Table’s Session Browser.

  • Added “Join Game” confirmation window text.

  • Fixed an appearance issue with Playverse/System error messages.

  • Fixed an issue where one bag tab was off screen.

  • Fixed a crash on Xbox One X if you spammed the A button at the starting cinematics.

  • Fixed an issue with Onslaught Floor name display when joining via Xbox Live Friends List

We’re still working on a lot of the changes and improvements that were listed in the Friday Check-In With Elandrian, and we’ll continue to pump out bug fixes and improvements after the holidays. Click here for the Power of the Ancients Expansion notes.

From all of us at Trendy Entertainment, have a Happy Holidays! We can’t wait to show you what’s coming next!

The Dungeon Defenders II Team

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Glad the board writing is larger. Finally attempted onslaught on PS4 since I could do so without just guessing on each lane. It was actually fun too, building various lanes and using different combinations of defenses...that is until the game crashed going into the third map. There goes at least an hour of my time...back to the other game I was playing.

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Something that can be nice:

- Fix the Leadder of the party to allways be the first who send invite.... (sometimes when the party grows from 2 to 3 players the Leadder its the last who enter the party...).

- Fix the inspect option on the multiplayer menu, to show all the Relics of the other players, not only one... (that fix have delayed so much time).

- Fix the Ascension numbers of other players that are in the same game, on the scoreboard on the end of the stage are displaying allways 0 -> 1 Ascension, this mistake comes after the Power of the Ancients update.

- After the Power of the Ancients we lost the tooltip saying: "near of another tower" or "near the spawn" when you try to place a tower... this tooltip its usefull for beginers, not so much for experienced players, but to attrack new players its a nice thing to be fixed.

- EV's Tower's cost of mana, are not displayed correctly on DD2... DD1 have it displayed right I think...

Thanks for all the information untill now.

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